1. Make $ part time during college for very little effort.
  2. Gain experience in marketing, branding, product development and e-commerce.
  3. Receive a session on resume writing and interviewing do’s and don’ts for a career in marketing, sales, PR or fashion.


Love The Island is a new company founded (5/1/17) by Jim Rowe, a long term marketing, branding and advertising exec. Jim retired from MME, the ad agency he co-founded 27 years earlier, to launch a brand based upon the wondrous place his family calls home. During his career and particularly at MME Jim interviewed, hired and helped train 100's of recent graduates. His LinkedIn Profile and MME website are below:
While the company goal is obviously to generate awareness, sales and create a loyal following, the selected Brand Ambassadors will be treated as interns and therefore: 
1 - Compensated with a 10% commission based upon what they individually sell with an incentive to generate a higher % commission. How it works:
    • Each Brand Ambassador receives a personal code that tracks their sales.
    • The Brand Ambassador promotes the brand to their friends, contacts, followers etc. and offers them a 5% discount just by using the Brand Ambassadors code at checkout.
    • The Brand Ambassador gets a 10% commission on all sales with that code.
    • There is also an incentive to generate commission beyond 10%
      2 - Provided a kick-off session on how the brand was built, products selected, website designed, pricing strategy and current marketing programs with their current results. This includes showing how Facebook and Google AdWord campaigns are set-up and tracked. It also includes a work-session to discuss other ideas to drive website sales.
      3 - Access to brand materials / art-work for social media use
      4 - An apparel product TBD
      5 - Periodic ongoing involvement with the brand owner in sessions where:
      • Brand Ambassadors review their outreach strategies and tactics, their progress and sales performance, and any insights, things that worked or didn’t etc.
      • Brand owner updates Brand Ambassadors on the overall brand / sales progress from marketing efforts, as well as, gets input from Brand Ambassadors for future products and marketing programs
      6 - Be part of the Love The Island Brand Ambassador Intern Community with their picture and contact info on a new Brand Ambassador page of the website listed by the college they attend so students can find them if they do not know them. This community also provides a forum for the Brand Ambassador Interns to trade strategies and tactics for generating the greatest sales.
      7 - A referral based upon performance
      8 - A session on resume writing and interviewing do’s and don’ts.


        • Historically, marketers focused on the strategic and creative aspects of a brand / business (the fun stuff) leaving the “selling” – generating revenue, hitting the #’s, to the “sales team”. The marketer was often the first leg of the relay race handing the baton off to sales to call on retailers so the marketer could go back inside and generate consumer awareness, image and trial via traditional ad, promotion, merchandising and PR tactics.
        • Today with retailers closing and shopping malls drastically declining due to the Amazon and Walmart juggernauts, the channels where consumers buy goods and services have changed and expanded dramatically. More people are shopping on-line everyday. Therefore, today’s marketers need to see the whole process through till they hear the “ka-ching” of the e-commerce app on their smartphone. It’s the classic “You eat what you kill” real world situation.
        • The good news is that technology has advanced to the point where marketers have (at least) 2 new amazing weapons in their arsenal:
          1. Anyone can easily and inexpensively create an e-commerce website or online store to sell things directly to the target consumer without having to worry about building the website from scratch and being responsible for both financial and security factors.
          2. Digital marketing, particularly social media, provide the means to inexpensively reach targeted consumers. This creates awareness, image and easy access to your e-store.
        • As such, the Love The Island Brand Ambassador Interns will be provided with real experience for helping build an e-commerce brand with insight beyond just sales but to the inner workings of the brand and business.


        Prefer a Brand Ambassador Intern who is:

        1. A native Long Islander so there is an acute sense of what LI has to offer
        2. At least a Sophomore or Junior with a Marketing, Entrepreneur or Fashion Business major
        3. A born sales person with the ability to think like an entrepreneur
        4. A social media maven with a large following and frequent posts with recommendations that people look for and engage
        5. A Fashion trendsetter
        6. A student who is committed to gaining experience for their long term career benefit and having their performance evaluated based upon driving sales, which also adds $ for their short term cash needs.


        The Love The Island Brand Ambassador Internship Program is NOT an accredited program that is affiliated with, sanctioned or approved by any school, college, university or educational institution. It is a part time job with commission based compensation. However, it also includes a significant level of real world experience, knowledge and insight by a 40 year marketing veteran who has always put a premium on training young marketers.




        1. Resume
        2. Facebook / Instagram links for us to get a sense of candidates Social Media engagement
        3. Brief rationale why you should be considered

        Thanks so much for the consideration.

        The Love The Island Team